Video 1
I think they should play baseball.
An advantage would be that they like to succeed. Disadvantage would be that they don't the other subjects.
They would be outgoing loyal and fun
Track because it is a sport and it is really fun.
Some sports movie
A baseball glove or get Shaq to sign something for them.

Video 2
This person should become a vet because they obviously really want to be one.
They would be good in science but they might not be good at language arts or math.
This person would be understanding, gentle, and helpful.
Volenteering at shelters.
Homeward Bound
A puppy or some kind of animal

Video 3
I think that this person should be a news reporter.
Advantage being they like to do things online and their disadvantage would be basically everything else (no offence #3)
This person would be reliable, fun, and smart.
They should do sports or work on directing
Vampires Suck
A radio or ipod

Video 10
This person would make a good singer or entertainer.
Advantage is that she is a good learner but she would probably get a little off track due to her socialness.
This person is hyper, loyal, and awesome.
They should definately go into some kind of party designing
Hot Tub Time Machine
a cd with "trailer hood" on it