Here is part 1

Here is part 2

Video 4: 1. I would recommend maybe baseball
2. The person is social so that might be good. This person is seems that he/she would play around a lot and stay off task.
3. Very playful, the kind of person that would do funny and cool things and the kind of person that would get you in trouble too.
4. Collecting sports cards.
5. The Grid Iron
6. I would get the sports card because I will help them start the hobby of collecting them.

Video 5: 1. I think the person could be a good business man/woman.

2. This person said he/she was smart. She/he doesn’t seem like they have a weakness.

3. A non trouble maker, a nice person, a caring person.

4. I can’t really think of a hobby for this person

5. Monster House

6. Batteries just in case she runs out of energy in a few years as a joke.

Video 11: 1. She/he should work in a candy shop
2. I don’t know because it didn’t mention anything about his/her intelligence.
3. Fun, friendly, and funny
4. Making candy sculptures
5. Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory
6. A pound of chocolate to see how fast she/he can eat it
Video 9: 1. Work in a Candy Store

2. No intelligence was mentioned in this video

3. Sweet tooth, funny, and friendly.

4. Artist maybe

5. Cats and Dogs

6. A box full of sweet treats.