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This is an ulu it was a knife used for skinning and cleaning animals. I found this on -Sophia

external image 220px-Umiaq_skin_boat.jpg
This is a umiak and it was type of boat used by the Eskimos. It was used in summer to move people and possessions to seasonal hunting grounds and for hunting whales and walrus. -Baziela Cabrera

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This is a ulu and is is a knife traditionally used by women. It was used to skin and clean animals, cutting hair, cutting food, and sometimes to trim block of snow to make iglos. - Baziela Cabrera

external image muktuk%20gerrit%20vyn.jpgA muktuk is a frozen meal of whale skin and blubber. -Baziela Cabrera

This is a picture of an umiak -- a large, open boat with skins stretched over a wooden frame that is propelled by paddles. It is used by the Inuit and Eskimos for transportation. ~Meera Patel

As weird as it may look, this is muktuk -- a frozen meal of whale skin and blubber, usually eaten by Eskimos, Inuit, and Chukchi. Most times muktuk is eaten raw. ~Meera Patel

This is an ulu- a versatile cutting tool used by Native Alaskans to skin and clean animals. The blade was usually polished slate and the handle bone, ivory, or wood Yes, the website is -Anay Patel

This is a umiak- a boat made out of skin that is stretched over a wooden frame. It was used to travel across water and go whale hunting. -Anay Patel

This is muktuk- it is a meal eaten by Native Alaskans made out of frozen whale skin and blubber. -Anay Patel

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Muktuk is a blubbery meal that alaskans ate. - McKenna Carlson


An umiak is a boat that Eskimos used to hunt and travel.

My Source By Joshua James


This is an Ulu. It is used to skin and cut animals. By Joshua James


Muktuk is a meal made of blubber and was eaten by Eskimos. By Joshua James

This is a man preparing for people to eat.-Tranelle


This is called a Umiak. The Eskimo's use it to hunt
and travel. -Baylee

This is called Muktuk it is basically animal blubber. -Baylee

This an ulu. It is used to hunt and skin animals.-Jeremiah Stulley

This item is called a ulu. It was used to skin and clean animlas.