• What career would you recommend for this person in the future?
  • What is an academic strength of this person? A possible weakness?
  • List 3 adjectives that describe how this person might be as a friend.
  • Recommend a new hobby for this person and explain why you think it would be a good fit.
  • What would you guess is this person's favorite movie?
  • What would you give this person as a birthday present, and why?

Video #1. For the person the career that I would recommend is a baseball player.

    • Well PE, and his weakness problably every thing else (sorry).

    • Athletic, Energetic, and Competitive

    • I think soccer,or baseball would be a good sport for them, is because they are competetive and fun sports.

    • Angels in the outfield

    • I would give them a ball so they canplay sports and stuff with it.

  • Video #2

For this peron I would recomend being a vet.

Her strength might be science and Language arts. Her weakness is Math and PE.

´╗┐nice,caring, understanding

I would recomend going into drama club, because she seems like she would like it.

Marley and Me

I would give this person some candy because she seems like she like candy.

  • Video #3

I would recomend this person to be a talk show host.

I think a strength for this person would be Computer classes. Weakness would be math science and reading.

entertaining, energetic, loving

I would recomend that thsy should try playing some sports, because i think she would be good at it.


I would give this person some cd's, because she likes music.

  • Video #4

I think this persom would do good as an actress.

This person's strength would be reading, but her weakness would be math and science.

funny, caring, creative

I would recomend this person to get into drama club as well, because she seems like an acting person.

Lovely Bones

I would give this person a diary or journal, because she seems like a person who should write something.