MeMyselfIPt2-1473 PART2.doc

  • What career would you recommend for this person in the future?
  • What is an academic strength of this person? A possible weakness?
  • List 3 adjectives that describe how this person might be as a friend.
  • Recommend a new hobby for this person and explain why you think it would be a good fit.
  • What would you guess is this person's favorite movie?
  • What would you give this person as a birthday present, and why?

#1 Video. For video number one I would recommend that this person shhould play baseball.
I would say that he is good at PE. I think it would be Math.
Competitive, Spontainous, ORANGE!
Be in band, beacause maybe that person needs to relax for a while with music.
Baseball bat, because he like baseball.
#2 Video. A vet.Everything except for, sunshine, blueI would recommend Chorus and drama club.Cheetah Girls???I would give her a hug and candy, because she seems like a caring person. #3 Video. A career I would recommend for this person is a commedian. ( Pretty much any thing interestingyet fun!) An academic strength would have to be she is a hands -on learner. A weakness could also be that she is a hands on learner,because when you get older not many of your classes will let you do hands on learning. It is mainly visual,and written.Funny,Caring,and all around awesome.I think art would be a good hobby for this person because it seems like they are so creative and like to have fun.I think this persons favorite movie is the Epic movie.If I had to give this person a gift it would probably be a paint set. So, they can express them selves and have fun painting with friends.#4 VideoA career I would recommend this person is something interesting and challenging.An academic strength for this person seems like something hard,so maybe math??? Weakness may bescience???Smart,Funny,and Nice.A good hobby for this person could be like baseball, because it seems like he is serious yet likes to have fun.This persons favorite movie is probablly Clash of the Titans???A gift I would give this person would be money so they can get whatever they want.